AJ Brown -bio, age, net worth, wife, and family

AJ Brown, sometimes known as Arthur Juan Brown, is a wide receiver with the Tennessee Titans of the National Football League.

During his tenure with the Titans, AJ Brown has helped raise the offense, making the squad explosive via the air and on the ground. Still relatively new to the game, AJ Brown has emerged as one of the NFL’s emerging stars at wide receiver.

AJ Brown Early Life And Parents

At a relatively young age, the wide receiver established himself as a star in the NFL. His adoring parents, Josette Robertson, and Arthur Brown, were always there to lend their support at every turn.
Robertson and Brown welcomed AJ Brown into the world on June 30th, 1997, in Starkville, Mississippi, in the United States.

Regarding his father, sportsbiomedia states that AJ Brown was born in June 1966 and is presently a director at Southland Oil. The son provided this information.
AJ Brown is obsessed with sports and intensely passionate about baseball. Regarding Josette, it should be noted that she is no longer married to AJ Brown.

AJ is not her only child; she also has a set of twin girls. Mrs. Brown is from Mississippi and holds an undergraduate degree from Auburn University.

According to their social media posts, identical twin sisters Reva and Reda Shuntae Brown live good lives with their husbands and gorgeous children. Everyone in the Brown family is very encouraging, and they can often be seen at AJ’s games cheering him on.

A. J Brown

AJ Brown High School and College  Career

At Starkville High School in Starkville, Mississippi, A.J. Brown played high school football. AJ Brown was skilled in both sports and also played baseball there.

AJ Brown participated in the baseball and football Under Armour All-American competitions.

His team’s state title victory was aided by his 13 touchdown catches as a senior.

After being selected by the San Diego Padres in the 2016 MLB Draft, AJ Brown decided to forgo playing college baseball in favor of collegiate football at Ole Miss.
AJ Brown spent three seasons as an Ole Miss football team member and will go down as one of the school’s all-time most excellent receivers.

In a victory over South Alabama as a sophomore, AJ Brown established the Ole Miss record for most receiving yards in a game with 233 yards.

AJ Brown averaged over 1,250 yards and five touchdowns per season in his final two seasons.

AJ Brown decided to forego his senior year and join the NFL Draft following a junior season in which AJ Brown accumulated 1,320 yards.

AJ Brown NFL Career

In the 2019 NFL Draft, the player A.J. Brown was selected with the 51st overall pick. The Tennessee Titans selected him after the first round of the draft, in the second round.

AJ Brown had a breakout season as a rookie, recording 52 receptions for 1,051 yards and eight touchdowns.

In his second season in the league, he matched that touchdown total in just ten games, demonstrating a trajectory of progress that has led many people to believe that Brown will be a great receiver in the NFL for many years.

AJ Brown Biography in Brief

Name: Alfred John Brown
Nick Name: A.J., The Show
Age: 25
Born: 30 Jun 1997
Gender: Male
Height:  6’0″ft
Weight: 226 lbs
Country of Origin: Starkville, MS
Net Worth/Salary  $10 Million
Wife/Girlfriend  Kelsey Nicole Riley
Relationship Status married
Kids- AJ Brown Jr(son), Jersee(daughter)
Father Arthur Brown
Mother Josette Robertson
Siblings Jason Brown, Laikyn Brown
Social Media Twitter – Instagram – Facebook


AJ Brown is anticipated to have a net worth of $10 million by 2023.

This includes his contract income, endorsement deals, investments, and other financial perks.

Through his career as a professional football player, AJ Brown has amassed an impressive amount of money.

In addition, AJ Brown has invested in various companies, contributing even more to his overall wealth.

AJ BROWN Earnings And Contracts

Brown has had a tremendous career thus far, collecting millions of dollars via contracts and collaborations with several premium companies.

AJ Brown signed a four-year, $10 million contract with the Tennessee Titans, with $4.4 million guaranteed.
His base compensation for the first year was $820,000, progressively climbing each year afterward.

In addition, he agreed to a $100 million contract deal with the Eagles, with $57 million guaranteed. This contract has increased his net worth significantly.

AJ BROWN Endorsement Deals

Brown has also acquired endorsement deals with various high-end goods, such as Nike, Pepsi, and Beats by Dre, adding a sizeable sum to his overall wealth. In addition, he is a fervent supporter of the Sentencing Project and has participated in charitable events to support this cause.

A. J Brown

AJ BROWN Future Prospects

AJ Brown has had a fantastic career and is regarded as one of the best wide receivers in the NFL.

AJ Brown has a bright future and is projected to make even more money through his contracts, sponsorship agreements, and investments.

With his ability and effort, it is reasonable to conclude that his net worth will only rise in the following years.

AJ BROWN Personal Life

Brown is a Christian, and his faith is essential to him. Brown grew raised in Starkville, Mississippi, where AJ Brown attended Starkville High School and played football.

After graduating high school, AJ Brown resumed his football career at the University of Mississippi.
Brown was a devout Christian in various outreach groups throughout his undergraduate years.

Brown is married to  Kelsey Nicole Riley, his high school sweetheart. Jersee is the couple’s daughter.

The entire family is involved in their local church, and Brown frequently discusses his faith in interviews. AJ Brown stated that his religion had given him the fortitude to overcome challenges and deal with hardship.

Brown is an open and pleasant individual who enjoys spending time with his family.

AJ Brown enjoys sports and greatly admires the New Orleans Saints. He also enjoys cooking and baking, which he frequently shares with his family.

Brown is also a pianist, guitarist, and drummer. Brown is also very committed to giving back to his community.

AJ Brown frequently gives to local charities and volunteers to assist local families in need.

AJ Brown has also been active in fighting social inequality and prejudice. A.J. Brown is a pleasant, friendly, and devout Christian.

AJ Brown has utilized his religion to overcome challenges and hardship.

Brown’s faith is essential to his personal life, which AJ Brown frequently discusses in interviews.

A. J Brown


AJ Brown, a professional American football player who is 25 years old, just tied the knot with his longtime girlfriend, Katelynn. After living together for several years, the pair ultimately decided to elevate their love to the next level by getting married.

Katelynn Background

The images of Aj’s girlfriend, who is from New Orleans and frequently appears on his Instagram, may be seen there. Although not much is known about her, she is a loyal companion who sticks with Aj through good times.

A. J Brown

How did They meet?

Aj Brown had not disclosed how AJ Brown and his partner first became romantically involved or when they first met one other. It would appear that the pair keeps their private lives hidden from the public and away from the press.

AJ BROWN Fun Facts

1. One of the NFL’s top pass catchers is the Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver.

But AJ Brown might have been able to become a pro in another sport. AJ Brown was the best baseball player at Starkville High School in Mississippi.

The star in both football and baseball player in Under Armour’s All-American games in both sports. Only one other athlete had done this before him.

Kyler Murray, QB for the Arizona Cardinals, is the only other player to play in the All-American football and baseball games put on by Under Armour.

2. Little is known about A.J. Brown’s family and personal life.

Jersee is AJ Brown’s daughter, and she is two years old. Jersee has been shown running with her dad at Eagles training in posts on social media.

Brown said that after Jersee was born, AJ Brown stopped living his life as a person and started looking at it in a very different way.
In September 2022, Brown and his partner had a baby boy. Arthur Juan Jr. is the name of Brown’s son.

3. AJ Brown gives money to the organization called the Sentencing Project.

The mission statement of the charitable organization is as follows: “supports a reasonable and practical response to crime that keeps kids and adults out of jail and keeps them from becoming criminals by working for racial, ethnic, economic, and gender justice.”

During his time in the NFL, Brown has been involved with several charitable organizations.

The Sentencing Project is only one of them. Additionally, AJ Brown has worked with Charity Water to assist in distributing safe drinking water to communities around the United States.

4. In October 2021, when AJ Brown played for the Tennessee Titans, AJ Brown got sick from food and had to stay in bed.

Brown managed to get through some training and games, but AJ Brown still had trouble with his stomach. AJ Brown got food poisoning after eating at a Chipotle restaurant in Nashville.

Brown’s food poisoning was so bad that AJ Brown vowed never to eat again at a fast food place.

When the Chipotle group heard that Brown got sick from food, they called out to the wide receiver to find out which Nashville restaurant AJ Brown ate at.

It’s unclear if AJ Brown is still avoiding fast food.



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