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Joel Hans Embiid was born on March 16th, 1994, in the city of Yaoundé, which is located in the country of Cameroon.

Thomas Embiid, a military officer, and Christine, his wife, were Embiid’s parents. After abandoning his plans to pursue a career as a professional volleyball player in Europe, he began playing basketball at the age of 15, and he modeled his style of play after that of NBA Hall of Fame center Hakeem Olajuwon.

Embiid was seen by fellow Yaounde native and current NBA star Luc Mbah-a-Moute while the two attended the same basketball camp. Embiid traveled to the United States when he was 16 years old to pursue a career as a professional basketball player. His mentor at the time was Mbah a Moute.

Joel Embiid Early life

He spent most of his time there in Yaoundé, which is located in Cameroon. Embiid’s interest in athletics can be traced back to his early childhood. On the other hand, he did not start playing basketball until he was 15 years old. After that, when he was 16 years old, he uprooted his life and came to the United States to pursue a basketball career.

Embiid attended Montverde Academy for one year before transferring to The Rock School in Gainesville, Florida. At The Rock School, he flourished into one of the most talented high school players in the United States.

The 7-foot center completed its high school education in 2013 and immediately made its college decision to attend the University of Kansas. Before entering his name into consideration for the NBA draft in 2014, he spent one season playing collegiate basketball with the Jay Hawks.

Joel Embiid

Joel Embiid parents

Thomas Embiid was a military commander, and his Cameroonian wife Christine was a professional basketball player. They are the parents of three children: Arthur, Muriel, and Joel. Christine ensured her children had all they needed even though Joel’s parents did not have a lot of financial riches.

She was a stern but loving presence in her children’s education. Joel owes a lot of his success to Christine. Christine, Joel’s mother, had always wished for her son to pursue a career in medicine, yet she always supported his desire to play basketball in the NBA.

On the other hand, the family was dealt a terrible blow when Joel’s younger brother Arthur died in a vehicle accident in Cameroon when he was just 13 years old. The family suffered a significant setback as a result of the tragic death.

Despite this terrible event, Joel did not give up and continued pursuing his basketball passion. He was motivated to do so by the sacrifices made by his parents and the memory of his brother.

Joel’s parents inspired him to become an NBA player. Joel has always admired his father, Thomas. He aspires to exceed his father’s military and sporting accomplishments.

Joel Embiid

Joel Embiid girlfriend

NBA star Joel Embiid of Cameroon is dating a French model named Anne De Paula. The couple’s relationship has flourished since they came out to the public. Whenever possible, they take trips together and enjoy each other’s company outside of the workplace.

Joel Embiid

Anne De Paula Career

Anne de Paula is a Brazilian model, social media personality, and influencer. It is unknown if she obtained any official training before she traveled to New York City to begin a modeling career there.

She did not waste any time and entered the Sports Illustrated Model Search immediately, ultimately emerging victorious and launching her modeling career. She is a well-known personality who has capitalized on the opportunity to expand her horizons by engaging in various endeavors. It is common knowledge that when she was younger, she wanted to pursue a career in modeling. Aside from that, she used to have a lot of fun playing soccer when she was a kid, and she even participated in competitions as a representative of her school and her city.

Her representation in the swimsuit edition of Sports Illustrated, for which the Wilhelmina Models agency manages her, is mainly responsible for establishing her reputation as a model. She is well-known in the business and has modeled for famous brands while walking the catwalk. She has been featured prominently on the covers of several magazines. She maintains a high level of activity across all social media platforms, where she has amassed a sizable following.

Joel Embiid

Her accomplishments aren’t the only reason for her success; she has a partner who is also very accomplished and is currently playing in the NBA.

Anne De Paula’s Net Worth

Her wealth is estimated to be $2 million at this time. Anne’s career as a model has brought in millions of dollars for her.

Anne has been featured in several magazines and has done work for several different companies. In addition to that, she promotes products via the use of social media.

On Instagram, Anne is such a household name because she posts so regularly about a variety of topics, including her personal life as well as her professional life.

How old is Anne De Paula?

Anne De Paula, who will be 28 years old in May 2023 and has Brazilian nationality, was born on March 31, 1995, in Rio de Janeiro and has a Brazilian passport. She spent her childhood in a slum in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where football is a popular spectator sport. Following her father’s urging, she picked up the soccer ball for the first time when she was eight.

Anne De Paula’s ‘husband’ and kid

Since 2018, Anne has been romantically involved with Joel Embiid. Their relationship began in that year. A familiar acquaintance introduced them to one another over dinner in New York City. They made their debut appearance before the general public in October 2018. Embiid and his wife are the parents of a baby born in September 2020 and given the name Arthur Elijah De Paula Embiid.

Anne Dde Paula named her son Arthur after Embiid’s younger brother, who was killed at 13 in a car crash in Cameroon in 2014. Joel Embiid, an NBA star, shared the news of the birth of his baby on social media.

Joel Embiid

Fun facts about Anne and Embiid

  • De Paula is fluent in English and Portuguese, in addition to her native language of French.
  • She began training in Muay Thai when she was just a teenager.
  • Joel Embiid, his wife, his kid, and the rest of their family traveled to Kenya in Africa in 2017.
  • Anne only realized Embiid was a basketball player when the 7-foot Cameroonian stood up after dinner

Joel Embiid Net Worth

A net worth of $40 million may be attributed to “Joel Embiid.” It has been projected that the most famous professional basketball player, Joel Embiid, has a net worth of around $40 million, as stated by various internet resources (including Wikipedia, Forbes, and Bloomberg). In a short time, Joel Embiid has established himself as a dominant force in the basketball industry, leading to widespread recognition among basketball fans.

Joel Embiid Biography in Brief

Name: Joel Embiid
Nick Name: The process
Age: 29
Born: March 16, 1994
Gender: Male
Height:  7′ 0″ft
Weight: 280 lbs
Country of Origin: Yaounde, Cameroon
Net Worth/Salary £35 million
Wife/Girlfriend Anne de Paula
Relationship Status
Kids- 2
Father  Thomas Embiid
Mother Christine Embiid
Siblings (Younger Bro.)
Arthur Embiid,Muriel Embiid
Social Media
Twitter – Instagram – Facebook

The charitable effort made by Joel Embiid

Joel Embiid is dedicated to giving back to the community and uplifting those around him. In 2022, he established an effort called “In Memory of Arthur,” designed to make a big difference in Philadelphia by investing in some of the city’s most influential non-profit organizations.

” In Memo” was named after his late father, Arthur. ry of Arthur” after his father, who died. According to reports, the 2023 NBA MVP donated one million dollars to support the cause.

In addition, he established the Arthur Embiid & Angels Foundation to help poor children in Cameroon and bring them together. It was claimed that he contributed $500,000 to the #FirstRespondersFirst campaign in the year 2020 to show his support for the healthcare workers working on the front lines of the COVID-19 epidemic.

In addition, during the epidemic, Embiid joined forces with Josh Harris and David Blitzer, owners of the 76ers, to donate $1.3 million to Penn Medicine.

He has pledged a donation of one hundred thousand dollars to the effort to end homelessness and is actively active in the philanthropic activities of the Sixers Youth Foundation.

Joel Embiid

Career and Honors of Joel Embiid

In 2014, the Philadelphia 76ers picked Joel Embiid in the NBA draft, marking the beginning of Embiid’s professional basketball career. Since he was selected for the squad, he has spent much time playing basketball for them.

Throughout his basketball career, he has consistently delivered excellent performances. His foot and knee issues have caused him pain and kept him out of the basketball lineup. In the 202122 seasons, he has been spectacular.

Since he began his professional career in 2014, he has won several matches. Several accolades and successes have marked Embiid’s career. He’s been an NBA All-Star five times already, and that streak will continue this year.

In 2022, he will also lead the NBA in scoring. Among his honors are three selections to the NBA All-Rookie First Team, three sections to the NBA All-Defensive Second Team, and four picks to the NBA All-NBA Second Team. He has made tremendous strides since he first began playing basketball in 2014.Joel Embiid

Joel Embiid Awards

  • 4-time NBA
  • Second Team -(2018)
  • NBA All-Rookie First All-Star -(2018, 2019, 2020, 2021)
  • 2-time All-NBA Second Team- (2018, 2019)
  • NBA All-Defensive Team- (2017)
  • NBA Skills Challenge Champion- (2020)
  • Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Award- (2014)
  • Big 12 Defensive Player – Year (2014)

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