Philip Rivers’s wife is reportedly expecting the couple’s tenth child

Philip Rivers, the renowned professional football player, is on the verge of reaching a significant milestone in his personal life.

Rivers is about to become a father for the tenth time, marking a remarkable achievement in his procreation journey.

In a recent interview with’s Ben Thomas, the ex-quarterback of the Los Angeles Chargers shared some exciting news.

Philip Rivers revealed that his wife, Tiffany, is pregnant with their 10th child. The couple is expecting a baby boy, who is set to join their growing family in October.

According to reports, the couple is still in the process of selecting a name for their newborn.

In a remarkable display of familial growth, a household has expanded to include nine children. This diverse brood consists of seven girls and two boys, spanning a wide range of ages from 4 to 21.

The family’s composition showcases a harmonious blend of genders and age groups, fostering a dynamic and vibrant environment within their home.

In 2019, Philip Rivers, the former quarterback for the Chargers, welcomed a new addition to his family. He and his wife celebrated the arrival of their daughter, whom they named Anna.

Former NFL quarterback Philip Rivers is expecting his first child since his retirement from professional football.

Following his departure from the Indianapolis Colts in 2020, the former football player has shifted his focus towards a new role as the head coach of St. Michael Catholic in Fairhope, Alabama.

This career move comes as his eldest son, Gunner, prepares to become the starting quarterback for the team in the upcoming season.

In a surprising turn of events, Rivers, the renowned athlete, hesitated to completely rule out the possibility of making a comeback. Despite considering several enticing offers, he ultimately decided to remain in his current position.

Philip Rivers


The Rivers family is growing to include twelve members.

Philip Rivers, the former NFL quarterback, and his wife Tiffany are expecting their 10th child, as revealed by Rivers in an interview with on Wednesday.

The tenth baby is a boy and is expected to arrive in October. Philip mentioned that they have yet to decide on a name.

Philip and Tiffany have nine wonderful kids. Halle, Caroline, Grace, Sarah, Rebecca, Clare, and Anna are their seven daughters. Additionally, they have two sons named Gunner and Peter.

Their children’s ages range from 4 to 21. In March 2019, they joyfully welcomed their ninth child, Anna.

“We have had a football game pretty much every two years, but now there has been a longer gap,” said Rivers. He is currently working as a football coach at St. Michael Catholic High School in Fairhope, Alabama, as reported by

We are all feeling wildly enthusiastic and motivated. Everyone was hoping for a boy. Even our daughters desired to have a son.

The quarterback, who previously played for the Chargers and Colts, is familiar with having a large family. Both his mother and grandfather came from families with nine children.

In 2020, Philip shared with the IndyStar that he and Tiffany did not specify a specific number of children they planned to have.

At the time, Rivers expressed that it was simply a matter of whatever God’s will was. We had recently opened. It did not have a number on it. I still need help understanding.

Philip, who is 41 years old, decided to retire from the NFL in January 2021 after dedicating 17 years to his career in the league.

The player selected as the No. 4 overall pick in the 2004 draft had a remarkable career spanning 16 seasons with the Chargers and one season with the Colts.

Throughout his career, he achieved the impressive feat of reaching the postseason seven times and earning eight Pro Bowl selections. He is currently ranked sixth in all-time passing yards and passing touchdowns.

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