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Michael Chandler is a U.S.-based professional MMA fighter. He is currently participating in the Ultimate Fighting Championship’s Lightweight category.

Michael Chandler Early Life

Before he got into MMA, Mike Chandler was a well-known athlete in high school and college. Mike joined the University of Missouri wrestling team as a walk-on.

Both in wrestling and in the classroom, he did well in college. While wrestling for the University of Missouri, he went to the NCAA tournament four times.

He finished second in the All-American rankings twice. He had a career record of 100 wins and 40 losses, or 100-40.

Chandler got a degree in Personal Financial Management Services while in college. Mike started training for MMA soon after he graduated.

Chandler got his training at Xtreme Couture. Not long after that, he decided to skip being a beginner and go straight to the pros.

He beat Kyle Swadley in the first round to win his first fight at First Blood. Mike didn’t have time for the smaller shows because Strikeforce immediately saw him and signed him soon after.

Mike never lost in Strikeforce. Both of his opponents were knocked out in the first two rounds. Because of how well he did in Strikeforce, Bellator FC took notice of him.

Mike’s time in the BFC has been nothing but a huge success. After winning 2-0 and the right to fight in the Bellator Season 4 LW competition, he decided to move down a weight class.

Mike beat people like Marcin Held to win the 8-person tournament and the chance to fight long-time king Eddie Alvarez. Patricky “Pitbull” Freire and Lloyd Woodard.

Chandler then beat Eddie Alvarez, who had been champion for a long time. Many people thought this fight was the best of the year.

In the fourth round of the back-and-forth fight, Mike won by RNC after hurting Alvarez on the feet. Mike has not yet defended his title, but he is 1-0 since he won it in a “super fight” with Akihiro Gono.

At Bellator 85, he would defend his title for the first time against Rick Hawn, who won the Season Six tourney. Chandler kept his title for the first time when he beat Hawn.

Hawn gave up in the second round when Chandler put him in a rear naked choke. He would then beat David Rickels with a TKO in the first round at Bellator 97.

Chandler will now fight Eddie Alvarez in a repeat at Bellator’s first pay-per-view event. Initially, Tito Ortiz vs. Rampage Jackson would be the main event.

Still, Ortiz got hurt, so Chandler vs. Alvarez became the main event. Chandler would lose his belt to Alvarez in a Split Decision after a perfect and close fight. When they fight at Bellator 120, they will finish the series.

After this loss, Chandler went to UFC 268 to fight Justin Gaethje. Chandler lost the fight by unanimous vote, even though they both fought hard.

Michael Chandler

Michael Chandler UFC Career

Michael Chandler made his highly anticipated UFC debut at UFC 257, where he faced off against the formidable Dan Hooker.

Chandler effectively subdued Hooker’s aggression by delivering a powerful left hook, followed by a series of forceful ground-and-pound head punches, resulting in a knockout in the first round.

As a result of his impressive victory, he earned the opportunity to compete for the vacant UFC Lightweight Championship against Charles Oliveira at UFC 262.

Chandler dominated Oliveira in the first round but could not secure a knockout. However, Oliveira delivered a knockout blow to Chandler, stunning him in 19 seconds of the second round.

After experiencing a defeat, Chandler competed against Justin Gaethje at UFC 268. Chandler lost the fight via unanimous decision in a slugfest.

Michael Chandler

Michael Chandler Biography in Brief

Name: Michael chandler
Nick Name: Iron
Age: 37
Born: 24 April 1986
Gender: Male
Height: 5’8″ft
Weight: 160 lbs
Country of Origin: Missouri, U.S.
Net Worth/Salary  $ 6 Million
Wife/Girlfriend Brie Willett
Relationship Status married
Kids- Hap Whitaker
Father Michael Chandler Sr
Mother Betty Chandler
Siblings N/A
Social Media Twitter – Instagram – Facebook

Michael Chandler Last Fight

Michael Chandler’s most recent fight occurred at UFC 274, where he faced off against Tony Ferguson. Chandler emerged victorious in the battle by securing a knockout victory through a well-executed front kick.

Michael Chandler vs. Tony Ferguson

During UFC 274, Michael Chandler engaged in an intense battle with the renowned lightweight fighter ‘El Cucuy Tony Ferguson.

The two men wasted no time and immediately started exchanging powerful blows, setting the stage for an exhilarating first round.

The anticipation for more action was at an all-time high when, in the second round’s 17th second, Michael Chandler startled the world by knocking out Ferguson with a stunning front kick.

Michael Chandler vs Charles Oliveira

At UFC 262, Michael Chandler competed against Charles Oliveira in a highly anticipated match for the vacant UFC Lightweight Championship.

The fight commenced as Oliveira nearly knocked down Chandler with a powerful leg kick. Chandler quickly regained his composure and retaliated by landing a powerful left hook.

He then proceeded to execute a guillotine hold on Oliveria. However, Oliveria skillfully escaped the grip and gained control over Michael’s back.

In response, Chandler rose to his feet with Oliveira clinging to his back, executing a forceful slam. However, this move inadvertently worked against Chandler, enabling Charles to secure a tighter grip on him.

Michael prevented Oliveira from using his Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu expertise by hand-fighting and successfully regaining his footing.

In the later part of the round, Chandler delivered a powerful left hook that staggered Oliveira and landed a series of forceful punches while Oliveira was on the ground.

However, Oliveira managed to endure this situation for over two minutes, allowing him to advance to round two.

At the start of the second round, Oliveira landed a mighty left hand that caused Chandler to fall. He continued his attack by delivering strikes along the fence.

He knocked Chandler down again with a powerful left punch, resulting in a TKO victory 19 seconds into the fight.

Michael Chandler Net Worth

In 2090 Michael Chandler joined the UFC. She became a UFC top earner. The legendary American mixed martial artist “Michael Chandler” is worth $67 million.

According to Wikipedia, Forbes, and IMDB, Michael Chandler, the most famous American mixed martial artist, is worth $6 million.

As discussed. Chandler is worth $6 million. As mentioned, he was the highest-paid MMA athlete in his previous organization. Fights have earned him $4 million.

He also made $3 million from brand sponsorships. Six rows end his UFC deal.

After this, we hope. UFC will renew his contract. He is a UFC star—one of the UFC’s biggest stars.

Michael Chandler Records

Result Record Opponent Method Event Date
Win 23-7 Tony Ferguson KO (Front kick) UFC 274 07/05/2022
Loss 22-7 Justin Gaethje Decision (Unanimous) UFC 268 06/11/2021
Loss 22-6 Charles Oliveira TKO (Punches) UFC 262 15/05/2021
Win 22-5 Dan Hooker TKO (Punches) UFC 257 23/01/2021
Win 21-5 Benson Henderson KO (Punches) Bellator 243 07/08/2020
Win 20-5 Sidney Outlaw KO (Punches) Bellator 237 29/12/2019
Loss 19-5 Patricio Freire TKO (Punches) Bellator 221 11/05/2019
Win 19-4 Brent Primus Decision (Unanimous) Bellator 212 14/12/2018
WIn 18-4 Brandon Girtz Technical Submission (Arm-Triangle Choke) Bellator 197 13/04/2018
Win 17-4 Goiti Yamauchi Decision (Unanimous) Bellator 192 20/01/2018
Loss 16-4 Brent Primus TKO (Doctor Stoppage) Bellator 180 24/06/2017
Win 16-3 Benson Henderson Decision (Split) Bellator 165 19/11/2016
Win 15-3 Patricky Freire KO (Punch) Bellator 157 24/06/2016
Win 14-3 David Rickels TKO (Punches) Bellator 145 06/11/2015
Win 13-3 Derek Campos Submission (Rear-Naked Choke) Bellator 138 19/06/2015
Loss 12-3 Will Brooks TKO (Punches) Bellator 131 15/11/2014
Loss 12-2 Will Brooks Decision (Split) Bellator 120 17/05/2014
Loss 12-1 Eddie Alvarez Decision (Split) Bellator 106 02/11/2013
Win 12-0 David Rickels KO (Punches) Bellator 97 31/07/204
Win 11-0 Rick Hawn Submission (Rear-Naked Choke) Bellator 85 17/01/2013
Win 10-0 Akihiro Gono TKO (Punches) Bellator 67 04/05/2012
Win 9-0 Eddie Alvarez Submission (Rear-Naked Choke) Bellator 58 19/11/2011
Win 8-0 Patricky Freire Decision (Unanimous) Bellator 44 14/05/2011
Win 7-0 Lloyd Woodard Decision (Unanimous) Bellator 40 09/04/2011
Win 6-0 Marcin Held Technical Submission (Arm-Triangle Choke) Bellator 36 12/03/2011
Win 5-0 Chris Page Submission (Guillotine Choke) Bellator 32 14/10/2010
Win 4-0 Scott Stapp TKO (Punches) Bellator 31 30/09/2010
Win 3-0 Salvador Woods Submission (Rear-Naked Choke) Strikeforce – Heavy Artillery 15/05/2010
Win 2-0 Richard Bouphanouvong TKO (Punches) Strikeforce – Challengers 5 20/11/2009
Win 1-0 Kyle Swadley TKO (Punches) FB – First Blood 08/08/2009

Michael Chandler Personal Life

Michael Chandler got married to Brie Willett in 2014. Chandler recently took to Instagram to express his gratitude towards his wife in a post leading up to what could be considered the most important fight of his UFC career.

Chandler quoted, “I do not doubt in my mind that I wouldn’t be where I am today without my wife’s unwavering love and support.”

There is no way I can fully repay you for the time we have been apart and the selfless sacrifices you have made.

However, I want to assure you that I will love and support you for the rest of my life. I love you, Brie Willett (@briechandler). You are my favorite aspect of life.

And as the song says, the spotlight is on me, but you are why I shine.

Chandler’s heartfelt words on Willett’s birthday, expressing gratitude for her unwavering support throughout his MMA career, are genuinely heartwarming.

Chandler referred to his wife as “inspirational” and admired her. The story of how Chandler met Brie Willet is incredibly romantic.

Chandler and Willett began dating after exchanging emails for nearly two years.

After nearly two years, the couple decided to marry one another. In 2014, Chandler got married, and he and his spouse adopted a child named Hap Michael.

Brie Willett

Michael Chandler’s adopted kid!!!

Multiple reports suggest that Michael Chandler’s son is named Hap Whitaker, but this information is incorrect. The UFC fighter clarified the situation and disclosed his son’s name is Hap Michael.

Based on Brie Willett’s Instagram account, Chandler’s wife maintains a low profile in the media. She dedicates a significant portion of her time to enjoying the company of her friends.

Brie’s images featuring her son Hap Michael are adorable.

After getting married, Chandler and Brie made the decision to adopt a child. In an interview with MMAFighting, Chandler shared that Brie Chandler had always expressed a desire to adopt a child.

The former two-time Bellator champion recently shared that he needed time to become comfortable with adopting a child.

On the other hand, Brie had always desired to adopt since childhood. Chandler explained that Willett’s early experience with orphaned children who longed for nothing more than a home served as the primary motivation for taking such a significant step.

We hadn’t even fully processed the realization that we were finally able to adopt when we were hit with the overwhelming excitement of being actively involved in the process.

Suddenly, six minutes passed, and we received a phone call.

In an interview with MMAFighting, Chandler disclosed his desire to have a child who is approximately five months older.

However, Hap Michael was only nine months old when Chandler and Willett provided him with a new home.

IN AN INSTAGRAM POST, the UFC lightweight fighter shared that he believes the timing is perfect for welcoming another child into his life.

Chandler expressed his gratitude for having the privilege of having two beautiful children in his life. Both Michael and his wife are strong advocates for adoption.

It is commendable to witness their commitment to following through on their promises.

Fun Facts About Michael Chandler

1)Michael Chandler made the high school honor roll every term

Northwest High School in Missouri honored Michael Chandler every term. Chandler’s high school athletics record included three varsity letters.

He won ‘Most Valuable Wrestler’ at the 2004 Missouri State High School Championships in wrestling.

Chandler football. He was on the high school’s honor roll for his football and wrestling skills and academics.

2)Personal Finance Management Services graduate Michael Chandler

After graduating from Missouri, Michael Chandler studied Personal Finance Management Services.

Chandler told MYMMANEWS that he would have been a wealth advisor or financial planner if not a mixed martial artist. He also said he has always been interested in finances.

3)Chandler defeated two UFC lightweight champions

Chandler defeated former UFC lightweight champions Eddie Alvarez and Benson Henderson in Bellator.

Before ‘The Underground King’ joined the UFC, the 34-year-old defeated Alvarez in 2011. Chandler and Alvarez fought a four-round MMA classic. Chandler won through fourth-round submission. Alvarez won the 2013 rematch.

Michael Chandler defeated former UFC lightweight champion Benson Henderson. Henderson lost in his last Bellator fight in August 2020. Henderson, 34, will always cherish a win against a former UFC champion.

Michael Chandler must do something “spectacular” to defeat another UFC champion. Chandler may win the lightweight title if he beats Dan Hooker convincingly.


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