Tim Sylvia -Record, height, Net Worth, Brocken arm and wife

Tim Sylvia American Timothy Deane Sylvia is a retired mixed martial arts fighter, a professional wrestler, and a two-time champion in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) heavyweight division. Both at the super heavyweight and heavyweight divisions, he has competed.

Tim Sylvia Career And Draft

Tim Sylvia took a different path, unlike most MMA fighters who spend years working hard to climb to the top. He began his professional fighting career by winning his first 16 fights and ultimately became the UFC Heavyweight Champion.

This impressive achievement came after his training at the Miletich Fighting Systems camp in Bettendorf, Iowa. At a towering height of 6’8″ and a weight of 265 lbs., “The Mainiac” dominated the heavyweight division throughout his professional career. In the early years, he capitalized on his size.

He reached the advantage to deliver precise punches from a distance, gradually wearing down his opponents before launching a decisive attack in the middle of the fight.

In 2003, Sylvia won the heavyweight title by knocking out Ricco Rodriguez. He successfully defended the belt once before relinquishing it to Frank Mir in 2004.

During their bout, Mir broke Sylvia’s arm with an Armbar in the first round. Sylvia achieved his most remarkable winning streak in 2006.

During this period, he emerged victorious against former UFC Heavyweight Champion Andrei Arlovski on two occasions, defeating Assuerio Silva and Jeff Monson.

These victories ultimately led to Sylvia securing the title for the second time in his career. In 2007, Sylvia lost the belt to Randy Couture, a UFC Hall of Famer.

Since leaving the UFC in 2008, Sylvia has yet to achieve another significant winning streak.

After participating in karate and wrestling throughout high school, Sylvia primarily relied on his exceptional size and striking ability throughout his professional career.

Sylvia is regarded as an excellent fighter, with a winning record of over 50% of his professional fights achieved through special techniques.

However, “The Mainiac” does possess impressive ground fighting and submission abilities. He demonstrated his skills by effectively neutralizing the ground game of world-class grappler Jeff Monson during a UFC title defense.

Tim Sylvia Net Worth

Former mixed martial artist and professional wrestler Tim Sylvia of the United States, has an estimated net worth of $800,000.

Tim Sylvia Biography in Brief

Name: Timothy Deane Sylvia
Nick Name: The Maine-iac
Age: 47
Born: 5 March 1976
Gender: Malw
Height:  6’8″ft
Weight:  266 lbs
Country of Origin:  Ellsworth, Maine, USA.
Net Worth/Salary  $800,000
Wife/Girlfriend Alyssa Petron
Relationship Status Married
Kids- N/A
Father N/A
Mother N/A
Siblings N/A
Social Media Twitter – Instagram – Facebook

Tim Sylvia a Slap Fighter?

The inaugural UFC heavyweight champion has recently agreed to participate in a Slap Fight match against Tim Sylvia, which has unfortunately disappointed many fans.

Sylvia, a former UFC heavyweight champion, emerged victorious in his debut at SlapFIGHT Championship 25 a few days ago. He is expected to face Mark Coleman, who is 58 years old, in his next match.

The growing awareness of traumatic brain injuries (TBI) and chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) has made fans react with horror upon learning that Coleman and Sylvia would participate in Slap Fighting.

Slap Fighting

Imagine that a child of only four years old considered the regulations for a violent sport. Whatever you are imagining, the likelihood is that it is not too far removed from the truth.

Slap fighting is a type of competition in which two competitors face one other while standing at arm’s length and take turns smacking each other in the face.

They are not permitted to move, flinch, or attempt any form of self-defense.

After participating in a slap-fighting gala, Polish strongman Artur “Walu” Walczak was taken to the hospital, where he remained until he passed away a few weeks later from his injuries.

Slap combat has already claimed the life of one of its competitors.

It is common practice for the Nevada State Athletic Commission to permit fighters to compete even if they cannot obtain licenses in other states or territories.

The Power Slap League has come to this conclusion as well.

It would appear that this sport was created with the express intention of causing head trauma to those participating.

If White is willing to take the time to read through some of the NFL’s research, perhaps the NFL will share some of it with the UFC.

Tim Sylvia Bann From MMA and UFC?

There are growing concerns about the health implications of slap fighting, particularly with the recent entry of former UFC heavyweight champion Tim Sylvia into the sport.

This is noteworthy because Sylvia’s mixed martial arts career was cut short due to concerns about the potential for blunt-force trauma.

Sylvia’s MMA career ended in 2015 when he could not obtain medical clearance to compete against Juliano Coutinho.

Essentially, they are indicating that there is damage resulting from blunt force trauma. He has sustained damage in that area.
Despite the concerns, a 47-year-old individual has chosen to pursue a career in slap fighting, known for its controversial nature. This American athlete recently won over ‘the Bouncer’ in the super heavyweight division during a competition held in Oklahoma City.

Sylvia, nicknamed ‘the Maine-iac’ during his MMA career, recently posted a video showcasing his knockout victory over his rival on social media.

The footage captured Sylvia delivering a forceful slap to his opponent’s face, causing him to stagger and ultimately collapse onto the floor.

Sylvia’s victory in the fifth round secured her the super-heavyweight title, thanks to a decisive blow.

Ben Rothwell, a former opponent of Sylvia in the UFC heavyweight division, recently expressed concern about Sylvia’s decision to participate in the Slap Fight Championship. Rothwell specifically referenced an MRI scan that Sylvia underwent in 2015.

Sylvia responded, “The recent MRI I had showed no issues and was clear.” Unfortunately, I cannot engage in running or cardio exercises due to the limitations of my knees. As a result, I can no longer maintain my desired weight.

Ben, thank you for your concern. As I mentioned earlier, there is nothing wrong with my brain. Our MRI would yield identical results.

The MRI was unclear and could not be read when taken out of context, so I had to undergo another one.

What Happend To Tim Sylvia

In 2006, Tim Sylvia was at the pinnacle of his career. After relinquishing his title initially, Sylvia managed to reclaim the UFC heavyweight crown by defeating his rival, Andrei Arlovski, on two occasions. He emerged victorious against a highly regarded jiu-jitsu specialist, Jeff Monson.

Standing at a towering height of 6’8″ and weighing a solid 265 pounds, Sylvia posed a formidable challenge to any potential opponent. He possessed the unique skill of “fighting tall,” which is not easily acquired by taller fighters. Additionally, he had the advantage of a highly effective training camp supporting him.

Wouldn’t the more petite and older Randy Couture be no match for the much larger champion? Sylvia likely held that belief until Couture delivered one of the most renowned right hands in the history of MMA.

The Couture bout profoundly impacted Sylvia, as he could never regain the same level of skill and prowess as a fighter. Sylvia has informed others that she did not take her training seriously.

Following his release from the UFC, Sylvia’s troubles persisted when he suffered a devastating defeat at the hands of Fedor Emelianenko. He overcame his embarrassment by losing to 41-year-old Ray Mercer in a mere nine seconds.

In addition to his talent eluding him, Sylvia has also encountered various challenges related to his weight.

Things To Know About Tim Sylvia


Tim Sylvia, born and raised in Ellsworth, Maine, earned the nickname “The Maniac” due to his aggressive fighting style and strong connection to his home state.

He was presented with a vital football, wrestling, and karate foundation.

After completing high school, he took on several small jobs, including working as a bouncer alongside Marcus Davis, who would later become a UFC fighter.

After attending UFC 28 in Atlantic City, he relocated to Iowa to receive training from Pat Miletich.

2)UFC Debut

Tim Sylvia defeated Wesely “Cabbage” Correira by second-round corner stoppage in his UFC debut. BJ Penn and Correira were colleagues in the UFC.

Tim Sylvia, 6’8, towered over Wesley “Cabbage” Correira. Tim Sylvia used his reach and hard knees in the clinch until Cabbage’s corner gave up.

3)First Heavyweight Championship

Tim Sylvia was promised a crack at the Heavyweight Title after beating Wesely Correira in his debut UFC fight.

Ricco Rodriguez had just won the title with a ground-and-pound victory over Randy Couture.

Rodriguez picked up-and-comer Tim Sylvia, for his first title defense because he anticipated an easy victory.

Tim Sylvia knocked out Rodriguez and broke his jaw in a devastating finish to the fight.

4)Arguments Over Drugs

Tim Sylvia failed a drug test for stanozolol after his first title defense in 2003. He lost his title, was suspended for six months, and had to pay a fine of $10,000.

He admitted to using the illegal substance but claimed he did so primarily to lose weight and improve his appearance rather than to gain a competitive advantage.

He admitted to using steroids and expressed regret.

5)The Fedor Fight

2008 following his second stint in the UFC, Sylvia was granted the opportunity to face the legendary Fedor Emelianenko, who was on an incredible unbeaten streak of nearly nine years.

Fedor has never competed in the UFC, which has left fans curious about how he would fare against the legendary fighters of the organization.

Fedor emerged victorious in the first round of the fight, securing a win with a rear-naked choke. Sylvia remarked, “That guy certainly packs a powerful punch.” I have never experienced such a powerful impact before.

6) Retirement

Tim Sylvia had his final fight in 2013 after experiencing a series of unsuccessful weight cuts and catchweight bouts. Additionally, he concluded his career with a streak of three consecutive losses.

In 2015, Sylvia attempted a comeback, but unfortunately, she could not obtain medical clearance from an athletic board.

When asked about his retirement, he said, “They have mentioned that I have endured enough damage over 16 years.”


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