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Alex Albon, Thai-British race car driver Alexander Albon Ansusinha now represents Thailand in Formula One with team Williams Racing. Albon’s past teams include Scuderia Toro Rosso, Red Bull Racing, and AF Corse in the DTM series.

Alex Albon Early Life

Alexander Albon was born into a family of five children, including three girls and two boys. He and his siblings were taken from his parent’s marriage, and they spent most of their childhood together.

The picture below captures a joyful moment shared by Alex and his sibling.Here is a rare picture featuring Alex Albon and his siblings: Zoe, Alicia, Luca, and Chloe.

The Thai-British car racer Alex Albon was raised in Bures, Suffolk. He began participating in karting at the age of 8. Like many young children, Alex greatly admired his father and held him in high regard during his formative years. His father, Nigel Albon, greatly influenced his early introduction to the driving sport.

Alex Albon cherished his childhood, as he spent most of his time with his beloved siblings, who made his growing-up years memorable. Additionally, he was frequently spotted at karting tracks and actively participated in competitions.

It is interesting to note that he shared his father’s determination to pursue a career in racing. However, the young person looked up to Michael Schumacher and Valentino Rossi as role models for their job.

Alex Albon

Alex Albon Early Career

Albon began his involvement in local kart races and achieved victory in the Hoddesdon Championship at the age of 8.

In addition, Albon achieved notable successes in 2006 as a cadet racer, winning the Super 1 National Honda Cadet Championship and the Kartmasters British Grand Prix.

The young Alex is proudly displaying his championship awards.

In the cadet championship, the British citizen achieved first place in 2006 and second place in 2007. Afterward, Alex transitioned to the KF3 class for two years.

Albon has won prestigious events such as the Kartmasters British Grand Prix, the Formula Kart Stars Championship, and numerous other championships.

In 2011, Albon made significant progress in his racing career by moving up to KF1. This promotion came after he achieved an impressive second-place finish in the CIK-FIA World Championship and the WSK Euro Series.

The triumph was a remarkable achievement for someone only 15 years old. As a result, he joined the driving team for the 2012 Eurocup Formula Renault 2.0 season.

Alex Albon F1 Career

Albon’s chances of securing a seat in Formula One seemed bleak at the beginning of the 2018 season when he was removed from the Red Bull Junior Team.

Albon’s impressive performance led him to secure a full race seat with DAMS in the FIA Formula E Championship for the 2018/19 season.

However, due to a series of seat changes in Formula 1, Toro Rosso approached Albon about a seat in F1 for the 2019 season.

Albon was revealed on November 26, 2018, as Toro Rosso’s second driver for the 2019 FIA Formula One World Championship after discussions lasted almost a month and a half. reported exclusively on November 2 that Red Bull has decided to drop Albon after the season. If Yuki Tsunoda fails to obtain a super license for the 2021 season, Albon will be demoted to Scuderia AlphaTauri.

In mid-December, Red Bull officially announced that Albon would assume the role of their test and reserve driver while Sergio Perez would be taking his place as a regular driver.

Alex Albon


Alex Albon Biography in Brief

Name: Alexander Albon Ansusinha
Nick Name: Tyre Whisperer
Age: 27
Born: 23 March 1996
Height: 6′ 1″ft
Weight: 163lbs
Country of Origin: London, England
Net Worth/Salary  $3 Million
Wife/Girlfriend Lily Muni
Relationship Status Unmarried
Kids- 0
Father Nigel Albon
Mother Kankamol Albon
Siblings One brother Luca, and three sisters, Chloe, Zoe and Alicia
Social Media Twitter – Instagram – Facebook

Alex Albon Net Worth

Alex Albon is a talented and highly regarded young professional Formula 1 driver. Being an F1 driver sets you apart from the general populace and surpasses most motorsport professionals.

Albon, whose net worth is estimated to be around $3 million, is no exception. The potential for this figure to be even higher cannot be ruled out. Regardless, if Thai driver Alex Albon continues in Formula 1, his net worth will grow in the upcoming years.

Alex Albon F1 Salary

Despite experiencing several setbacks in his Formula One career, the Williams Racing driver has made significant progress in the sport. In 2019, he debuted in Formula One with Scuderia Toro Rosso, a renowned Italian racing team.

Following that, he assumed the role of a works driver for Red Bull Racing, taking over from Pierre Gasly. In 2021, Sergio Perez, a Mexican driver, was appointed as a reserve driver for Red Bull Racing, which resulted in a downgrade from his previous position.

However, this season marked a significant turning point for him as he secured a major opportunity by becoming a works driver for Williams Racing. It has been reported that his compensation for this season is around USD 2 million.

Alex Albon’s Endorsements

Edifice Watches: In 2019, Edifice Watches announced Alex as their brand ambassador.  Casio, a Japanese manufacturing company, owns the tower. The Edifice watches are renowned for their sophisticated and luxurious designs.

Moose Craft Cider: In 2019, Moose Craft partnered with Toro Rosso, ultimately leading to the collaboration with Alex Albon. The company is based in Thailand and specializes in manufacturing cider. Its main goal is to support its national driver, Alex, internationally to motivate Thai individuals.

PTT Lubricants: PTT Lubricants is a prominent oil company in Thailand, known for its considerable size and influence in the industry. They have sponsored Alex since he began his racing career in Formula 2.

MDM Designs: MDM Designs, a renowned company based in Australia, specializes in the design of automotive helmets. Even after joining Williams, Alex seized the opportunity to continue working with MDM. For the 2022 F1 season, the MDM company will curate Alex Albon’s helmet designs exclusively.

Alex Albon House

Alex Albon currently divides his time between a Monaco residence and another in Milton Keynes, where his family resides.

As a child, he also had the opportunity to spend significant time in Thailand due to his mother, Kankomal, being Thai.

He identifies himself as Thai and frequently visits the country. Like other Formula 1 drivers such as Lando Norris and Max Verstappen, he also resides in Monaco.

Alex Albon Charity Work

Alex Albon primarily focuses his charitable efforts on the Wat Sakraeo orphanage in Thailand. Albon, who identifies as Thai, became involved in this through his connection to Volker Capito’s ‘Iceman Charity,’ which is related to Jost Capito, the former CEO of Williams.

The person mentioned in the latter part of the sentence resides in Bangkok. Through their charitable efforts, they assist over 1900 children living in the orphanage mentioned earlier.

Last year, he successfully raised nearly $120,000 through an auction of a helmet uniquely designed by the children from the orphanage.

The money was donated directly to the orphanage. This money was to assist in the redevelopment of the premises, fund essential work, and fully restore the sports hall.

Before the 2022 Australian Grand Prix, he had visited the orphanage, describing it as an “eye-opening” experience. Afterward, he arrived in Melbourne with his hair dyed red due to the children at the orphanage.

Alex Albon

Alex Albon Girlfriend

Alex Albon has been in a public relationship with Lily Muni He since 2019, which continues to be the case as of 2023. She is a professional golfer from China, born on June 17, 1999 in Chengdu.

She has been competing on the LPGA Tour since 2019. They are frequently seen together in the Formula 1 paddock and feature on each other’s Instagram accounts.

She currently has 586,000 followers on her Instagram account.

Their relationship started when Muni supported him as a fellow Asian athlete.

The Thai driver followed her and sent her a direct message (DM) first. The two developed a strong friendship, connecting through their shared experiences as athletes.

Afterward, he paid her a visit in Los Angeles, and the two instantly connected. This event marked the start of their relationship.

Alex Albon

What can Albon achieve in the 2023 F1 season?

The 2023 Williams car appears stable and has shown improved speed compared to its previous model. Albon is a strong contender for achieving numerous top-10 finishes this year.

Bookmakers have assigned Albon extremely low odds of winning the 2023 championship, approximately 2000/1. This prediction is quite reasonable.

This gives Albon an excellent opportunity to outperform these drivers and come out on top.

Based on his car’s improved performance this season and his current good form, he is poised to have a successful year. A realistic goal for him would be to finish in 15th place in the championship.

Alex Albon Fun Facts

  1. French racing driver Pierre Jean-Jacques Gasly presently competes in Formula One with Alpine.
  2. Pierre Gasly came second in the Super Formula Championship in 2017 and the Formula Renault 3.5 Series in 2014. He also won the GP2 Series in 2016.
  3. In 2019, Pierre Gasly joined Red Bull Racing. However, Alexander Albon of Toro Rosso was demoted and replaced between the Hungarian and Belgian Grand Prix.
  4. Notwithstanding, Pierre Gasly finished second at the 2019 Brazilian Grand Prix, marking his first career podium.
  5. Pierre Gasly and the AlphaTauri team scored their first-ever Formula One victory at the 2020 Italian Grand Prix.
  6. At the 2021 Azerbaijan Grand Prix, Pierre Gasly would take home another podium result, in third place behind race winners Sergio Perez and Sebastian Vettel.
  7. The son of Jean-Jacques Pierre Gasly and Pascale, Pierre Gasly was born in the French city of Rouen.
  8. Pierre Gasly comes from a long line of racers; his grandpa raced karts, his grandmother was a kart champion, and Pierre’s father, Jean Jacques, raced in karts, endurance races, and rallies.
  9. When Pierre Gasly’s father’s co-driver misread the pace note, he “fell off a mountain,” it was his last rally.
  10. Pierre Gasly’s introduction to karting was at the age of six, on a circuit in his hometown of Anneville-Ambourville. 







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